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Delong Jackets

Introducing the lettermans varsity award jacket, which'll make you look like a celebrity! This jacket grants a comfortable and stylish fit, with a colorful gold lining that will make everyone stand out, plus, the red gold finish will make a statement.

Delong Jackets Ebay

The jackets are first-class for enthusiasts cold winter days or during a game, the jacket offers a stylish v-necks design and is manufactured of wool leather. It is size 2 xl and includes length sleeves, the jacket is produced to keep you warm and is completed with a fun logo stitched on the sides. The jackets are top-of-the-line for any men who loves technology, with a versatile and stylish design, this jacket can go with any clothing or outfit. The red gold matte finish is excellent for any outfit, this jacket is fabricated of 100% wool and is 2 xl. This vintage mens 1965 varsity jacket is a beneficial addition to outfit, it is produced from 100% wool, and grants a modern look and feel. This jacket is an unrivaled surrogate for any up-and-coming athlete, the jackets are classic with a modern twist. They are typically made from 100% wool, but you can also find them made from spun cotton or beechwood, they are usually cooked a few times over a hard wood or used for a few days in the sun. Another benefit of cooking the jacket is that the wool will start to scatter and work its alternative into the fabric, this will cause the fabric to billow and add more body to the jacket.