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Straight Jacket

Us asylum straight jacket costume female pu leather body harness straight jacket. This straight jacket costume is perfect for those cold winter days or special events. It's made from durable leather and has a quick-drying fabric control that keeps you feeling comfortable even in cold weather.

Straight Jackets

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Strait Jacket

This white asylum straight jacket costume is the perfect solution for those who want to be sure that they are always safe and secure. The costume features a sturdy body harness and an armbenderrestraint armband, making it perfect for keeping an eye on your back in any situation. Aturally the strait-jacket is a tool used to restrain individuals in a release form. It is a type of clothing hanger where a person is clothingarmbinder ml size. It is a belt-type restraint that is used to restrict arm and hand movement. this is a brand new, unisex straight jacket costume. It is a perfect match for the usa asylum straight jacket costume. The body harness and restraint armbinder make it a perfect addition to your ensemble. this asylum straight jacket costume will make you look like a main character in a horror movie! The body harness and jumpsuit will add a touch of suspense to your look. The armbinder will keep you safe on the inside. The costume is made out of 100% wool and comes in a stock size.