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Tanker Jacket

This wwii us 2 nd pattern Tanker Jacket is an excellent addition to your retail com store, with a delicious, luxurious feel to it, this Jacket is sure to turn a profit. Go for the full-body fit and extra-large main body made from a black cotton, plus, the side pockets and zipp open at the shoulder are just a few reasons to buy this. This Tanker Jacket is sure to turn a profit.

Tankers Jacket

The tankers Jacket is produced to resist the harshest conditions and keep you it features a warm color and a hard fabric to keep you warm, it is manufactured to tailor a twisted fit and is manufactured to protect you the reg. Tanker is designed for medium to large body types, it is fabricated of 100% aramid fiber and imparts a water repellency rating of water repellency is a key factor in its selection as a medium sized jacket. The Tanker is further destressed and re-densityed for a more durable jacket, the army Tanker Jacket is manufactured from a cold weather resistance fabric that provides a resilient layer when you need it most. The small short style is top-quality for shoppers who need to move quickly in a cold weather environment, this Tanker Jacket is a top-grade piece for any bomber team. Made from waterproof and breathable fabric, this Jacket will keep you warm and dry during your next cold winter night, a comfortable fit and fashionable fit, this Jacket is fantastic for the wacky and quirky team.