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Original A2 Jacket

Original a2 deck jacket from the 1990s. This medium38-40 year old a2 deck jacket is a must-have for any us navy member. Made from a breathable fabric that features a comfortable hug to the body, this jacket can keep you warm in the cold weather. The post-vietnam 1983 hardware design and quality makes this jacket a classic.

Army Air Corps Leather Flight Jacket

The army air corps leather flight jacket is a symbol of service to the united states and its military veterans. The jacket is made from quality leather, with azure fabric at the chest to keep you warm and a water droplet for a stylish look. The jacket is made in the usa and comes with a warranty.

Ww2 A2 Jacket

This us navy a2 deck jacket cold weather - medium - stenciled nismf - vietnam 1969 d. Is a great choice for cold weather use. Made of 100% breathable cotton, it's perfect for keeping your body warm and dry. This d. Is stenciled with the nismf (vietnam 1969) design, making it a perfect choice for anyone looking for a warm and comfortable jacket. This is a top-brand jacket that was designed by american rider and now known designer of the a-2 breed, david trieu, back in the '50s. The jacket is made from hand-sewn leather and features a two-tone color scheme with black and white. The jacket is weighty and comfortable, perfect for horseback riding or flying. the ww2 a2 flight jacket is a great piece of history and is still in use by the military today. It is made of durable and sturdy fabric that is made to protect you and your loved ones. This jacket is a great choice for those looking for a unique and stylishairman helmet. the vtg 60s military cold weather a2 deck jacket is a great choice for those who want to stay warm and stylish during the winter. This jacket has a comfortable fit and a stylish design. It is made from 100% acrylic and polyester, and has a sleek design.